Aerial Mapping / 3D Reconstruction


For planning, archaeology, architecture and for fun. There is a need for pictures taken form the air. For the air you can see more, textures, light shade than form the ground. With aerial photographs you can also make 3D reconstruction of the object you kaming picture of.
The problem is it is to expensive to rent a plane or a helicopter.
There are diffrent ways of making cheap pictures from above:

  • With a long stick
  • With a helium filled balloon
  • With a drone, quadcopter, plane, helicopter

Long stick

Long stick will work but it is a slow. You can not take pictures very high and you cannot take pictures of a large area.


Balloon you can take pictures from a high altidue. But moving the balloon arround is a slow process. Also you are depended of the wheater. To much wind makes it difficult to make picture.


Drones are the most felxible to make aerial pictures. Drawback, it is more complex and you have a time limmit of flying time.

Drone v1

For the challenge I decide to make my own drone. The first version will be a small one which can fly at least 15 minutes. This drone can only carry one camera. One camera is needed for 3D reconstruction.
When I have some experience with the small one I will make a bigger one which can fly 30-40 minutes.



3D Reconstruction

To make a reconstruction multiple imaes must be taken of the object. The pctures must have a overlap of 40-50%. The route which the drone will fly is preprogramed. The drone will take care that pictures are taken with the correct overlap.
Below are some exmaples of reconstruction. With there google maps location and a link to the online 3d object.
The online 3d object you can zoom in and rotate it. Depend on your internet connection it can take a while to load.

Duck decoy

Duck decoy in Holland.
3D reconstruction



Castle BatenBurg in Holland.
Did not make enough pictures, castle is not coplete.
3D Reconstruction


Fish passage

Fish passage at fort Crevecoeur in Holland.
Google maps is outdated.
3D Reconstruction


Remote sensing

Check my remote sensing page for second drone and NDVI pictures.
Aerial Sensing


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